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Kike’s Whore JFK on Palestine & Zionism

John F. Kennedy, Speech to the Golden Jubilee Banquet of B’nai Zion, New York City, 1959.02.09

“Our own history as a nation and Israel’s have many parallels — in the diversity of their origins, in their capacity to reach the unattainable, in the receptivity to new ideas and social experimentation…

“History records several… breakthroughs – great efforts to which spiritual conviction and human endurance have combined to make realities out of prophecies. The Puritans in Massachusetts, the Mormons in Salt Lake City, the Scotch-Irish in the Western territories were all imbued with the truth of the old Jewish thought that a people can have only as much sky over its head as it has land under its feet…

“I would like to…dispel a prevalent myth … the assertion that it is Zionism which has been the unsettling and fevered infection in the Middle East, the belief that without Israel there would somehow be a natural harmony throughout the Middle East and Arab world. Quite apart from the values and hopes which the State of Israel enshrines… it twists reality to suggest that it is the democratic tendency of Israel which has injected discord and dissension into the Near East. Even by the coldest calculations, the removal of Israel would not alter the basic crisis in the area… The basic rivalries within the Arab world, the quarrels over boundaries, the tensions involved in lifting their economies from stagnation, the cross pressures of nationalism — all of these factors would still be there, even if there were no Israel…

Israel, on the other hand, embodying all the characteristics of a Western democracy and having long passed the threshold of economic development, shares with the West a tradition of civil liberties, of cultural freedom, of parliamentary democracy, of social mobility…

“The choice today is not between either the Arab states or Israel. Ways must be found of supporting the legitimate aspirations of each. The United States, whose President was first to recognize the new State of Israel, need have no apologies – indeed should pride itself – for the action it took…

“The Jewish state found its fulfilment during a time when it bore witness, to use the words of Markham, to humanity betrayed, “plundered, profaned, and disinherited.” But it is yet possible that history will record this event as only the prelude to the betterment and therapy, not merely of a strip of land, but of a broad expanse of almost continental dimensions… [A]s we observe the inspiring experience of Israel, we know that we must make the effort…”

JFK: “America Salutes Israel”, Yankee Stadium, 1956.04.29

We are gathered here this afternoon to commemorate a notable anniversary in man’s eternal quest for freedom. For nearly 8 years ago today a state was born — and a people, rising from the ashes of history’s most ruthless persecution, entered upon a new birth of freedom. The state was the State of Israel — and the people were the children of Israel. Today, as the anniversary of that monumental event recurs for the eighth time – Israel, we salute you.

Much is different between the United States and Israel. Our Nation stretches in a great land mass between two wide oceans — the Israelis occupy a beachhead on the eastern Mediterranean. Americans number 165 million — the Israelis less than 2 million. We are the oldest Republic on earth and the youngest people — the Israelis have the youngest republic and the oldest people.

Yes, much is different — but much is the same. For both Israel and the United States won their freedom in a bitter war for independence. Both Israel and the United States acknowledge the supremacy of the moral law – both believe in personal as well as national liberty — and, perhaps most important, both will fight to the end to maintain that liberty.

I join in this salute today because of my own deep admiration for Israel and her people — an admiration based not on hearsay, not on assumption, but on my own personal experience. For I went to Palestine in 1939; and I saw there an unhappy land, ruled under a League of Nations mandate by a Britain which divided and ruled in accordance to ancient policy. And while there I was shocked by a British Foreign Office white paper just issued sharply cutting back Jewish immigration. Yes, as in the days of old, “the glory had departed from Israel.” For century after century, Romans, Turks, Christians, Moslems, Pagans, British — all had conquered the Holy Land — but none could make it prosper. In the words of Israel Zangwill: “The land without a people waited for the people without a land.” The realm where once milk and honey flowed, and civilization flourished, was in 1939 a barren realm — barren of hope and cheer and progress as well as crops and industries — a gloomy picture for a young man paying his first visit from the United States.

But 12 years later, in 1951, I traveled again to the land by the River Jordan — this time as a Member of the Congress of the United States — and this time to see first-hand the new State of Israel. The transformation which had taken place could not have been more complete. For between the time of my visit in 1939 and my visit in 1951, a nation had been reborn – a desert had been reclaimed — and a national integrity had been redeemed, after 2,000 years of seemingly endless waiting. Zion had at least been restored — and she had promptly opened her arms to the homeless and the weary and the persecuted. It was the “Ingathering of the Exiles” — they had heard the call of their homeland; and they had come — “brands plucked from the burning” — they had come from concentration camps and ghettoes, from distant exile and dangerous sanctuary, from broken homes in Poland and lonely huts in Yemen, like the ancient strangers in a strange land they had come. And Israel received them all, fed them, housed them, cared for them, bound up their wounds, and enlisted them in the struggle to build a new nation.

But perhaps the greatest change of all I found lay in the hearts and minds of the people. For, unlike the discouraged settlers of 1939, they looked to the future with hope. From Haifa to the Gulf of Akaba, from Gaza to the Dead Sea, I found a revival of an ancient spirit. I found it in Israel’s gift to world statesmanship, David Ben-Gurion. I saw it in the determined step of soldiers and workers; I heard it in the glad voices of women in the fields; I saw it in the hopeful eyes of refugees waiting patiently in their misery. The barren land I had seen in 1939 had become the vital nation of 1951.

Yes; Israel, we salute you. We honor your progress and your determination and your spirit. But in the midst of our rejoicing we do not forget your peril. We know that no other nation in this world lives out its days in an atmosphere of such constant tension and fear. We know that no other nation in this world is surrounded on every side by such violent hate and prejudice.

Will Israel fall? Will this noblest of all the 20th century’s experiments in democracy sink beneath the surface, not to rise again for still another 2,000 years? Part of the answer rests with the United States, the leader of the free world, and the godfather of the infant nation Israel. I shall not now attempt to chart our course in detail. But I shall say, and say again, that this is no time for equivocation or hesitation.


It is long past time for this Nation and others to make it absolutely clear that any aggression or threat of aggression in the Middle East will not be tolerated by the United Nations or the parties to the 1950 Tripartite Agreement. It is time that we made this so clear, in the U.N. and elsewhere, that no nation would dare to launch an attack. For it is the responsibility of our Government to make certain that neither Israel nor any small nation of the world is left defenseless without arms while neighboring states dedicated to their destruction receive unlimited quantities of Communist arms. It is time that all the nations of the world, in the Middle East and elsewhere, realized that Israel is here to stay. She will not surrender — she will not retreat — and we will not let her fall.

Today we celebrate her 8th birthday — but I say without hesitation that she will live to see an 80th birthday – and an eight hundredth. For peace is all Israel asks, no more — a peace that will “beat swords into plowshares and spears into pruning-hooks”; a peace that will enable the desert to “rejoice and blossom as the rose,” “when the wicked cease from troubling and the weary be at rest.” Then, and only then, will the world have witnessed the complete fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy “Tzee-Yon B’Meeshpat Teepadeh” – “Zion shall be redeemed through justice.” [n.b. See “ZION vs KIKES”, below.] And all of us here, and there, and everywhere will then be able to say to each other with faith and with confidence, in our coming and in our going: “Shalom” – peace! Peace be with you, now and forever.

John F. Kennedy, from “The Strategy of Peace”, 1960

“In 1939 I first saw Palestine, then an unhappy land under alien rule, and to a large extent then a barren land. […] In 1951, I travelled again to the land by the River Jordan, to see firsthand the new State of Israel. The transformation that had taken place was hard to believe. For in those twelve years, a nation had been born, a desert had been reclaimed, and the most tragic victims of World War II…had found a home.”

JFK, Annual Banquet of Histadrut Zionist Organization, Baltimore, Maryland, 1956.11.27

It is a genuine pleasure to be here tonight to join with you in tribute to my distinguished friend and your State Senator, Philip Goodman [KIKE, from Poland; Maryland State Senator, 1955-1960; Mayor of Baltimore, 1962-1963]. I first met Phil Goodman at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago last summer. But in that short period of time, and particularly on that occasion, I have come to know the warm loyalty of his friendship and his able determination as a political leader. His support of me at Chicago, which I did not solicit and for which he did not bargain, was one of the most gratifying surprises I received during those exciting days. And I am grateful to him for his efforts even though he did not succeed in obtaining for me the votes of the Maryland delegation — in fact, I am more grateful than ever, for if he had succeeded, I might have been made the Vice-Presidential nominee! In any event, my friendship with Phil Goodman is one of the lasting benefits for me to come out of that Convention; and I am delighted that so many of you have gathered tonight to pay him a yell-deserved tribute. Equally fitting is the dedication in his name of a hospital wing of the Medical Center in Jaffa. For his career has been one of service — service to his city, state and nation — service to the Jewish people and homeland — and service to his party and the principles for which he has fought all his life.

Politicians are always being asked to address testimonial dinners, for this individual or that, for this cause or that, to join in a lengthy procession of eulogies that are embarrassing to the subject and boring to the audience. But this is one case where I believe the cause and the individual to be worthy of every tribute we can pay — and I was delighted to come for that purpose.

I want to also take this opportunity to greet my good friend Congressman San Friedel [KIKE; U.S. Congressman, 1953-1971], in whose district this dinner is being held. His years of service to you on your City Council, in your State Legislature and as a particularly hard working Congressman have, I know, merited from you the same respect and affection he now enjoys from all of his colleagues in Washington. I amlooking forward to many more years of working in the Congress with Sam Friedel. I know that you will do your bit to make this possible, and I am hopeful the voters of Massachusetts will do their part also.

Tonight’s dinner, I understand, is the annual highlight of your Histadrut campaign here in Baltimore, which is emphasizing this year the construction of the Medical Center in Jaffa named for your great and good Dr. Herman Seidel and its new wing named for Senator Goodman. I have no doubt that the tensions and crises that now swirl about Israel and the whole Middle Eastern area have introduced a new factor into your campaign. And yet I am equally certain that those of you who are gathered here tonight will no more permit that present turmoil to lessen your concern for the people of Israel than that brave democracy has permitted its problems abroad to interfere with its humanitarian progress at home.

Whatever may be the background, the difficulties, the merits or the eventual outcome of those conflicts, we know that the State of Israel will remain — and we know that assistance from her friends in this country will still be desperately needed. The nation will continue to grow; and the exiles from all over the world will continue to gather.


It is time that all the nations of the world, in the Middle East and elsewhere, realized that Israel is here to stay. Surrounded on every side by violent hate and prejudice, living each day in an atmosphere of constant tension and fear, Israel is certain to survive the present crisis and all future crises; and all negotiations between the United States and Arab nations may as well accept that fact.


JFK: Praise for “Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America” & The Jewish State in Palestine

Cabinet Room, 1963.10.18; recording played at the Haddasah Convention, 1963.10.27

President Kennedy praised Hadassah’s numerous programs, and explained how the Zionist organization’s efforts in the United States of America the other Zionist Entity contributed to the advancement of civil rights and the protection of civil liberties.

+ + +


Christ Jesus condemned those who wanted him dead as: children of the devil, the father of lies. He warned that their Pharisees (now called “rabbis”) traverse the globe to convert others to become twice the hell-spawn that the Pharisees already are. Jews not only steal land and souls, but also words, churches, ideas, psyches. They have stolen the beautiful words “Zion” and “Israel”, and dragged them through the mud, causing them to become associated with filth, lies, theft, pillage, deception, pride and death.

ZION means:

  • The triumph of ISRAEL, which is THE CHURCH, which is THE BODY OF CHRIST (a spiritual triumph, having nothing to do with absurd, illegitimate claims to real estate)
  • The judgement of the JEWS (i.e. KIKES, Talmudists, Kabbalists, Anti-Christians, those who call themselves Jews, etc.), and their reward

For example, from Kebra Negast:

“And the Tabernacle of the Law of God, the Holy ZION, shall remain here until that day when our Lord shall dwell on Mount ZION; and ZION shall come and shall appear unto all prepared, with three seals—even as MOSES gave her—as it saith in the Old Law and in the New, “At the testimony of two or three witnesses everything shall stand.”

“And then, saith ISAIAH the Prophet, “The dead shall be raised… up, and those who are in the graves shall live, for the dew which cometh from Thee is their life.”

“And when the dead are raised up, His mercy whereby He watereth the earth shall cease; they shall stand up before Him with the works which they have done. And ENOCH and ELIAS shall come, being alive, so that they may testify, and MOSES and AARON from the dead shall live with everyone. And they shall open the things that fetter her [that fetter ZION], and they shall make to be seen the JEWS, the crucifiers, and they shall punish them and chide them because of all that they have done in perverting the Word of God.

“And the JEWS shall see what He wrote for them with His hand—the Words of His Commandment, and the manna wherewith He fed them without toil [on their part], and the measure thereof; the GÔMÔR, and the spiritual ZION, which came down for their salvation, and the rod of AARON, which blossomed after the manner of MARY.

“And He shall answer and say unto them [the JEWS], “Why did ye deny Me, and entreat Me evilly and crucify Me, seeing that I did all this for you, and that by My coming down from heaven I delivered you from SATAN and from the slavery of SATAN, and that I came for your sakes? Look ye and see how ye pierced Me with nails and thrust the spear through Me.”

“And the Twelve Apostles shall be raised up, and they shall pass judgement upon them, and shall say unto them, “We would have made you hear, but ye would not hear the prophecy of the Prophets and the preaching of us the Apostles.”

“And the JEWS shall weep and repent when it shall be useless to do so, and they shall pass into everlasting punishment; and with the Devil, their father who had directed them, and his demons who had led them astray, and with the wicked they shall be shut in.”

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